APGCL Assistant Manager Syllabus 2023 Assam JM Exam Pattern

APGCL Collaborator Administrator Schedule 2023 Test Example for APGCL Junior Director 2023 How to Plan for APDCL Right hand Records Official 2023 Download Point by point Prospectus for AEGCL Associate Chief 2023

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  • 1 APGCL Partner Supervisor Prospectus 2023
  • 2 About APGCL Aide Director Enlistment :
  • 3 About Test :
  • 4 Determination Cycle for APGCL Colleague Chief :
  • 5 Test Example for APGCL Colleague Supervisor :

6 Test Schedule for APGCL Collaborator Chief :

  • 6.1 Right hand Supervisor (Law)
  • 6.2 Colleague Supervisor (Electrical)
  • 6.3 Partner Supervisor (Mechanical)
  • 6.4 Partner Director (Human Resource)
  • 6.5 Associate Director (Data Technology)
  • 6.6 Aide Supervisor (Civil)
  • 6.7 Junior Director (Electrical)
  • 6.8 Junior Chief (Mechanical)
  • 6.9 Junior Administrator (IT)
  • 6.10 Junior Director (Civil)
  • 6.11 Partner Records Officer
  • 7 Significant Connection Region for APGCL Associate Chief Prospectus :
  • 8 FAQ (Habitually Asked Question)

APGCL Partner Chief Schedule 2023

Employment Notice No: HR/APGCL/Esstt/2023/1195/07

About APGCL Aide Supervisor Enrollment

Assam PGCL/EGCL/PDCL has As of late Reported and Welcomed the Internet based Applications from the Qualified Contender for the Posts of Collaborator Chief, Junior Supervisor and Right hand Records Official. Many Intrigued and Qualified Applicants applied for these Posts on the web. The Course of Accommodation of Online Applications for these Posts was started from ninth of December, 2023 and Last Date to Apply for these Posts was eighteenth of December, 2023. Actually take a look at different subtleties from below.

Origination Name Assam Power Age Partnership LtdName of Post Right hand Director, Junior Supervisor and Collaborator Records OfficerNo. of Opportunity APGCL – 26 PostsAEGCL – 341 PostsAPDCL – 376 PostsSelection Interaction CBT, report check and Viva VoceExam Date — Application Accommodation Start Date 09.12.2023Last Date to Apply Online 18.12.2023

About Test

Candidates who applied internet based will be called for assessment. The dates of assessment will be advised soon.

Nowadays Rivalry Level become exceptionally high so Serious Tests gets excessively harder. Competitors dealing with basic issue of “What to get ready” and “How to plan” to do everything they possibly can in their tests. In this way, here we are giving the most recent Schedule and Test Pattern.

Selection Interaction for APGCL Partner Director

    CBT, report check and Viva Voce

Exam Example for APGCL Right hand Supervisor

Exam Example for the Composed Test is as Follows:

CategorySubjectWeightageTotalMarksTime(Minutes)Group A (Associate Manager)General English, General Fitness &Emotional Knowledge, General Knowledge40100120Core Subject60Group – B (Junior Manager)General English, General Fitness &Emotional Insight, General Knowledge40100120Core Subject60Group-C (Partner Records Officer)General English, General Inclination and Thinking, General Mindfulness, ComputerKnowledge (Microsoft Succeed and PowerPoint)50100120Core Subject(Accountancy/Math/Statistics)50

Exam Prospectus for APGCL Partner Administrator

Exam Prospectus for Assessment is given underneath :-

Assistant Director (Law)

1 The Constitution of India2 Power Act, 2003 3 Work and Modern Regulations : The Modern Question Act,1947, The Plants Act,1948, The Worker’s organizations Act,1926, The Modern Business (Standing Request) Act,1946, The Provisional work (Guidelines and Nullification) Act,1970, The Installment of Tip Act,1972, The Installment of Wages Act,1936, The Base Wages Act,1948 , The Representatives Opportune Asset and Misc. Arrangements Act,1952, The Workers State Insurance Act,1948, The Representative’s Remuneration Act,1923.4 Discretion and Mollification Act, 19965 Indian Proof Act,18726 Indian Correctional Code, 18607 Code of Criminal Procedure,19738 Code of Common Procedure,19089 Organizations Act, 201310 Indian Policy Act, 187211 Explicit Help Act, 196312 Climate (Assurance) Act, 1986 (incl. Public Green Council Act 2010 )13 Scorn of Court Act, 197114 Right to Data Act, 200515 Purchaser Insurance Act, 198616 Fundamental Products Act, 195717 Data Innovation Act, 200018 Engine Vehicles Go about (as amended)19 Misdeed (incl. Public Obligation Protection Act, 1991)20 Authoritative Law

Assistant Administrator (Electrical)

Section 1: Electric circuits

Network components: optimal voltage and flow sources, subordinate sources, R, L, C, M components; Organization solution

methods: KCL, KVL, Hub and Cross section examination; Organization Hypotheses: Thevenin’s, Norton’s, Superposition and Greatest Power Move hypothesis; Transient reaction of dc and ac organizations, sinusoidal consistent state investigation, reverberation, two port organizations, adjusted three stage circuits, star-delta change, complex endlessly power figure ac circuits.

Section 2: Electromagnetic Fields

Coulomb’s Regulation, Electric Field Power, Electric Transition Thickness, Gauss’ Regulation, Difference, Electric field and potential because of point, line, plane and circular charge disseminations, Impact of dielectric medium, Capacitance of straightforward setups, Biot‐Savart’s regulation, Ampere’s regulation, Twist, Faraday’s regulation, Lorentz force, Inductance, Magnetomotive power, Hesitance, Attractive circuits, Self and Shared inductance of basic configurations.

Section 3: Signs and Systems

Representation of constant and discrete time signals, moving and scaling properties, direct time invariant and causal frameworks, Fourier series portrayal of ceaseless and discrete time occasional signs, inspecting hypothesis, Utilizations of Fourier Change for nonstop and discrete time signals, Laplace Change and Z transform.

Section 4: Electrical Machines

Single stage transformer: identical circuit, phasor outline, open circuit and short out tests, guideline and

efficiency; Three-stage transformers: associations, vector gatherings, equal activity; Auto-transformer, Electromechanical energy transformation standards; DC machines: independently invigorated, series and shunt, motoring and producing method of activity and their attributes, speed control of dc engines; Three-stage enlistment machines: standard of activity, types, execution, force speed qualities, no-heap and obstructed rotor tests, comparable circuit, beginning and speed control; Working standard of single-stage enlistment motors;

Synchronous machines: barrel shaped and striking shaft machines, execution and attributes, guideline and equal activity of generators, turning over of simultaneous engines; Kinds of misfortunes and effectiveness estimations of electric machines.

Section 5: Influence Systems

Basic ideas of electrical influence age, ac and dc transmission ideas, Models and execution of transmission lines and links, Series and shunt pay, Electric field appropriation and separators, Dispersion frameworks, Per‐unit amounts, Transport induction grid, Gauss-Seidel and Newton-Raphson load stream strategies, Voltage and Recurrence control, Influence factor amendment, Even parts, Balanced and unsymmetrical issue examination, Standards of over‐current, differential, directional and distance assurance; Circuit breakers, Framework solidness ideas, Equivalent region basis, Financial Burden Dispatch (with and disregarding transmission losses).

Section 6: Control Systems

Mathematical displaying and portrayal of frameworks, Input rule, move capability, Block graphs and Sign stream diagrams, Transient and Steady‐state investigation of straight time invariant frameworks, Strength investigation utilizing Routh-Hurwitz and Nyquist models, Bode plots, Root loci, Slack, Lead and Lead‐Lag compensators; P, PI and PID controllers;

State space model, Arrangement of state conditions of LTI frameworks, R.M.S. esteem, normal worth estimation for any broad occasional waveform.

Section 7: Electrical and Electronic Measurements

Bridges and Potentiometers, Estimation of voltage, flow, power, energy and power factor; Instrument transformers, Computerized voltmeters and multimeters, Stage, Time and Recurrence estimation; Oscilloscopes, Blunder analysis.

Section 8: Simple and Advanced Electronics

Simple diode circuits: cutting, bracing, rectifiers; Speakers: biasing, comparable circuit and recurrence reaction; oscillators and criticism enhancers; functional enhancers: qualities and applications; single stage dynamic channels, Sallen Key, Butterworth, VCOs and clocks, combinatorial and successive rationale circuits, multiplexers, demultiplexers, Schmitt triggers, test and hold circuits, A/D and D/A converters.

Section 9: Power Electronics

Static V-I attributes and terminating/gating circuits for Thyristor, MOSFET, IGBT; DC to DC transformation: Buck, Lift and Buck-Lift Converters; Single and three-stage setup of uncontrolled rectifiers; Voltage and Flow commutated Thyristor based converters; Bidirectional ac to dc voltage source converters; Extent and Period of line flow sounds for uncontrolled and thyristor based converters; Power component and Contortion Component of ac to dc converters; Single-stage and three-stage voltage and flow source inverters, sinusoidal heartbeat width modulation.

Assistant Chief (Mechanical)

Applied Mechanics and Design

Engineering Mechanics: Free-body graphs and balance; supports and casings; virtual work; kinematics and dynamicsof particles and of unbending bodies in plane movement; motivation and energy (straight and rakish) and energy definitions, collisions.

Mechanics of Materials: Anxiety, flexible constants, Poisson’s proportion; Mohr’s circle for plane pressure and planestrain; slender chambers; shear power and twisting second charts; bowing and shear stresses; redirection of shafts; twist of circula

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